Erica Sweany
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-M. BUTTERFLY on Broadway- 10/7

-BERNSTEIN ON BROADWAY at The Kennedy Center
-"Lois Lane" in Bay Street Theater's KISS ME KATE with Melissa Errico

-Law & Order: SVU (EP18:16)
-Sarah Ruhl's HOW TO TRANSCEND A HAPPY MARRIAGE at The Lincoln Center
-Wrapped feature, THE SPACE BETWEEN US (in post)



Erica is originally from the suburbs of Denver, Colorado.

She grew up dancing, singing, swimming, drawing, skiing, playing the flute and avoiding competitive sports.

She currently resides in New York.



"Kate Tompkins" on Law & Order: SVU - Episode 18:16 "Net Worth"

"Elise Paschen" on THE BLACKLIST: Episode 16.

Now on iTunes & Amazon

---HONORABLE MENTION---> Woodstock Film Festival

---BEST FEATURE---> New York No Limits Film Series

---OFFICIAL SELECTION---> Austin Film Festival, Santa Barbara Int'l Film Festival, St. Louis Film Festival, New Orleans Film Festival

Link to film's Facebook page

Appearing in Dave's opening monologues on 12/9/2013 and 12/12/2013

Guest Starring as "Eve" on Lifetime Movie Network's original series. S2x09, air-date 1/20/2016.

iPhone Video Project #2 recorded and filmed while working in Colorado…

Recurring as "Julia Becker" on MTV's EYE CANDY starring Victoria Justice. Episodes 101/103

This is the third video in the iPhone project.
The second video with Band Sweany.


" 'My Paris' has wonderfully imaginative flourishes... The most captivating is a sprite-like character named The Green Fairy (an alluring Erica Sweany) who, dressed in olive chiffon, seductively floats onstage (gracefully staged by Kathleen Marshall), tempting Lautrec to lose himself in absinthe. Legalize her instead of pot, for God’s sake!"

-New Haven Register


"The other young woman in his life in Montmartre is the Green Fairy who represents absinthe. She is played by Erica Sweany (who also portrays Jane Avril). Sweany is seductive, mysterious and exceptionally graceful."
-Sherry Shameer Cohen

"The Can-Can scene is particularly memorable, as is the torturingly gorgeous dance of the Green Fairy."
-Melinda Zupaniotis


"... Montmartre’s intoxicating brew of vibrancy, sex, and especially the lure of absinthe, which is nicely embodied by a secuctive Green Fairy (Erica Sweany)."



"Cody Williams... and Erica Sweany (as the vampy Judy Haynes) make a pitch perfect couple, singing and dancing their way through assorted shenanigans... The cast is high energy, delivering several unforgettable song and dance production numbers. The best of these is the second act opener, I Love a Piano. It’s a full on singing and tap dancing spectacular... I Love a Piano was interrupted twice with spontaneous applause, and got an extended ovation when it was over. "
-Theater Colorado


"... the performance of “Sisters” by Judy (Erica Sweany) and Betty (Lauren Shealy) makes you think the two had actually grown up together and had sang this song their entire lives. Their voices blend so well and left the audience captivated... the second Act opening number “I Love A Piano” will bring you to your feet as the Broadway style tap dancing was fascinating. Cody Williams and Erica Sweany mastered the moves and along with the supporting cast of dancers made this a real high-note of the musical."
-The Examiner


"...flanked by two divinely funny showgirls (Leslie Donna Flesner, Erica Sweany) in pink bugle beads and plumage."

-Hollywood Reporter


"two gorgeous Showgirl Barbies (Leslie Donna Flesner and Erica Sweany)"



"Best Dressed" by at opening of Honeymoon in Vegas.


"Niki is the ingenue of Curtains... In the role, Erica Sweany was charming throughout, long-limbed and graceful, with a lovely singing voice... she really got to strut her stuff in a gorgeous Rogers-and-Astaire-style duet with Jim Poulos... that provided such pure, dizzy pleasure, you wanted it never to stop."

-BEST OF 2013, Denver Westword


"… romantic interest, Niki Harris (played by the sweet and stunning Erica Sweany) just added to the cutesy and endearing love story and the audience loved it! Even for her sweet innocence, she had quite a set of pipes on her”

-Michael Mulhern for


"Best of all, there's a gorgeous Rogers and Astaire-style duet, 'A Tough Act to Follow,' which is equally gorgeously sung and danced by the lovely and graceful Erica Sweany as Niki..."

-Juliet Wittman, Denver Westword


"Erica Sweany is sweet and naïve as Niki, the ingénue, just overly innocent enough to be suspicious. Poulos and Sweany capture saccharine sweet giddiness wonderfully."

-Craig Williamson, North Denver Tribune


"My favorite performance was 'Macavity' providing a bluesy, burlesque interpretation... The duet between Erica Sweany as Demeter and Lauren Sprague as Bombalurina was provocative and entertaining."

-Robin Shaye for


"Erica Sweany dazzles as Roxie Hart... She moves seamlessly from heartless killer to pitiful victim to disillusioned former celebrity. Sweany possesses a powerful singing voice and effortless dancing ability that is expertly showcased in her solo number, 'Roxie'."

-Denise Ward, New York Times Regional Media Group


"As Kim, the grown up daughter of Magnolia and Gaylord, Erica Sweany is brilliant performing a strikingly original Charleston in the second act with male dancers at her side."

-Sally Applegate, North Shore Sunday GateHouse News Service


"Erica Sweany is beautiful and sexy, especially in 'Teach Me How To Shimmy'"

-John Lariviere, Talkin Broadway Regional News


"In the Little Theatre on the Square's razzle-dazzle production, Roxie is played to the hilt by Erica Sweany"

-James L. Seay, The Pamplet Press



Eric Faber
55 Bethune Street
Suite B934
New York, NY 10014

333 Seventh Avenue Ste. 1102
New York, NY 10001


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